My 5 Obsessions Tag

Hello, my beautiful readers,
I have something different for my readers today. The tag posts are really trending these days, no? So, I thought why not create a tag post.

Everyone has some obsessions. I have too, so why not share it?
The rules for this post are simple:
1) Share your 5 obsessions and why.
2) Tag people you like.
3) THAT IS IT!!!

I am a kind of girl who obsesses over a bunch of things.
The top 5 things I am obsessing over are:-

image source: Google.

image source: Google.

1) Red Lips:
I am a sucker for red lips. This classic color can instantly glam up any look and gives you a feeling of power. Currently, I am using Medora lipstick in 206 “Red Revival” It is a lovely shade of red with equal amount of cool and warm tones.

Image source: Google.

Image source: Google.

2) Pale Pink Nails:
Be it lips or nails, I love them classy. A pale, pink nail color can add an instant sophistication to your hands, and a fresh and clean look to your nails. So beautiful, it makes you feel lady-like. My favorite is “Umar Sayeed from luscious cosmetics”. It is a beautiful sheer pale pink color.

Image source: Google.

Image source: Google.

OMG! I LOVE CATS! Do I need to explain more? I just love Cats. They are the cutest creature on Earth. :*

Image source: Google.

Image source: Google.

Yes! I still love Jasmine fragrance. I know, there are a ton of different and new fragrances in the market but I’m still stuck with my good ol’ Jasmine. It makes me feel really feminine and confident.

Image source: Google.

Image source: Google.

I am more of a 60’s person and I love every single make-up/fashion style from the 60’s. That era was so classic and yes! Feminine. Red Lips, Winged Eyeliner, LBD, Floral prints, Luscious lashes, Luminous Skin and Pumps. They just attract me like a magnet.

In short, I am obsessed with everything classic but cute ;).

Alright Beauties, Hope you enjoyed this tag! Hit like if you did Don’t forget to share your obsessions in the comments down below.
I tag everyone who is reading this🙂

Love U ❤
Umaima Mehtab.


12 thoughts on “My 5 Obsessions Tag

    • Hey. Good idea dear. My recent 5 obsessions are;
      1- Cats
      2- Teaching my kids the best Morales of life
      3- Keeping my married life as happy and balanced as I can
      4- My nieces
      5- Consultation to people for making their life easy

      I wish after some time I update my obsessions and learning Quran by heart and namaz in time will be on top of the list. So far I am weak and these are just my wish so couldn’t write here.


      Liked by 1 person

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