The Color Tag.

Hello dear readers,

So, I was recently tagged by Natalia, blogger at for the “Color Tag”.

This tag is originally created by Natalia and For this tag, each blogger was assigned a color and that color should be used in a makeup look or nail art.

Thank you so much for tagging me 🙂

I was given the color CORAL which I think is perfect for summer. I have created a fun, floral nail art using this color. Here you go!

Coral nail art

You’ll need:

Coral nail art

Coral nail polish.
Gold nail polish.
Green nail polish.
White nail polish.
A thin brush.
Top coat.


Coral nail art

Step 1: Paint the nail of your ring finger, white and paint the rest of your nails coral.

Step 2: With the help on a thin brush, paint coral flowers on the accent nail and paint green vines.

Step 3: Make small gold dots in the middle of the flowers.

Step 4: On the middle and index finger, Make a large white dot and place a gold dot on top of it.

Step 5: Seal everything up with your favorite top coat and you are done.

Coral nail art.

Check out Natalia’s and Melissa’s look over here:



I hope you like it. I further tag “Naba Iqbal” of to do a look with the color RED. 🙂

Till then,

Love ❤


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