Garnier Micellar Water & Micellar Wipes.

Garnier Micellar Water & Micellar Wipes -Review.

Hello Everyone,  I hope you all are doing great and taking good care of your skin. Removing your makeup before hitting the bed is the most essential step to having clear skin. I have been using Micellar Water and Micellar wipes to remove my makeup since quite a while. So today, under the spotlight are…


Fast Hair Straightening Brush Review

Straight hair has always been preferred by girls and women in Pakistan. This timeless, classic hairstyle can be a bit tricky and time taking to achieve by the curly haired beauties using a straightener. Are you tired of spending hours, straightening your hair that does not even last long? This is when the unique fast…


DIY Ultimate Detox and Brightening Face Mask.

Summer is here and our skin needs some extra love. We carelessly expose our skin to the sun and all that UV rays and sweat results in Black heads and burns. Wearing sunscreen daily and getting a good facial on a monthly basis can help us get clear and healthy skin. However, treating your skin…


“Tum Mein Aur Aik Cup Chae”, Tapal Danedar Beautifully Breaking Stereotypes.

Never make the one you love feel alone, specially when you are right there. ~Unknown. A woman gives you her whole life, leaves her house for you and in return, all you have to do is make sure you are always there for her. Most men in Pakistan are made to think that their work…

Blogger Group Photo. PC: Farah Zaki (Impatient Person Blog)

#BiodermaPakistan Bloggers Meet & Greet.

Hello girls, You might have heard the stories about love at first sight, but today I am here with something different. It is a story about Me and Bioderma SensiBio H2O micelle solution that was “Love at first application”.  It all started with a parcel at my house with 3 cute little sample size bottles…


All Your Beauty Questions Answered.

Hello Girls,  I hope you are doing great. A few days ago I asked you on Facebook to leave your skin, hair and body care related questions under my post and so you did. So, here I am with answers to all your questions. I hope they’ll benefit you. Please note that I am not…


My Winter Skin Care Routine 2016.

Hello ladies, If you have read my new year resolutions post you might know that I have promised myself to take more care of my skin. Just to add to the motivation, two pimples showed up on my forehead constantly reminding me how much I have to treat my skin like a baby now. I…


Got Nominated For The Versatile Blogger Award.

Hello Princesses, I hope you all are doing great. A few weeks back, I got nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award” by the amazing “Momina Haseeb” of “Divine Smudge”. Thanks a bunch, Momina, for the nomination. ❤ I would recommend checking out her blog as she has some amazing content over there. The Rules: Thanks…


The Ultimate Guide To Skin Whitening

The scorching sun of Pakistan is not at all our friend. Specially if you are a university student and stay outdoors half of your day. The continuous exposure of the sun increases the production of melanin in the skin that causes our skin to darken and sometimes leave splotchy marks that are nowhere apealing. Sun…


4 Different Ways To Use Jo’s Organic Lip Smooches Lip Balm.

 Hello Dear Readers, I am back with an interesting post. In this busy time, we search for products that serves multiple purposes. It saves time, space and money. Jo’s Organic Lip Smooches Lip balm is one of those “hard working” products that serves as something other than lip balm too so, let’s explore 🙂 AS…


DIY Rose Water & Green Tea Toner.

I have tried a lot of toners and none of them have helped to make my skin any better. So, I decided to make one for myself with all natural ingredients. And now I wonder why didn’t I try this in the first place? I have been using this toner since last three weeks and…


Top 6 Secrets To Beautiful Lips This Fall/Winter.

  Who does not want to have smooth, pink and kissable lips? But sadly, sometimes the weather does not allow us to have that soft rosy pout. In summer, our lips are exposed to sunlight and get damaged from the UV rays and in the cold weather our lips becomes chapped and inflamed. It hurts…