My Miniso Haul

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you all are doing great. You might have heard Miniso because it is literally everywhere on the social media. If not, then Miniso is a Japanese, lifestyle shopping store that sells high quality products at a really low price rate. So, Jadirah Sarmad, Munazza Bangash and I decided to give this place a visit and set a PKR 3000 rupees budget for ourselves. The challenge was to see how many products we can buy in just PKR 3000. If you want to see what I bought from Miniso, then scroll down!

Miniso Haul.

Miniso Haul.

My total was PKR 3100, a little over the budget but let’s just forget that winks Here is what I got:

Miniso Pink Bucket Bag.

Miniso Pink Bucket Bag.

Pink Bucket Bag  PKR 499

Miniso Straw Beach Hat

Miniso Straw Beach Hat.

Beige Straw Beach Hat  PKR 699

Miniso Burn Relief Cactus Gel

Miniso Burn Relief Cactus Gel.

Burn Relief Cactus Gel Facial Mask  PKR 349

Miniso Nail Polishes and Pocket Mirror.

Miniso Nail Polishes and Pocket Mirror.

Nail Polish Duo  PKR  349

Pocket Mirror  PKR 249

Miniso Metal Sunglasses.

Miniso Metal Sunglasses.

Women’s Round Sunglasses PKR 699

Miniso Compressed Sheet Masks.

Miniso Compressed Sheet Masks.

Skincare Condensed Facial Mask  PKR 249


They do charge extra PKR 8 for their shopping bag but that didn’t reall bother me. All the products are so good quality and considering the price they are a major steal. I would definitely recommend you all to check out Miniso. 

Have you tried Miniso products? Share your favorites us. 


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