Nando’s Special Espetada Carnival and Scavenger Hunt.

Recently Nando’s invited some of the prominent Karachi bloggers and twitteratis for the launch of their new Menu sensation; Espetada. Luckily, I was one of them flips hair.

I got the e-invitation for this event with the details a week before which kept me thinking about it, making me even more excited for it. Why? Because it was not the average bloggers meet up. It was a scavenger hunt. A day before the event, I got the physical invite in the morning, which was actually a pass to the event.

At first we reached the Nando’s Sindhi Muslim branch and we were provided with a bit of refreshments. I met my fellow bloggers Nida moughal, Anoushae, farah Zaki, Aesha binte abu bakar, Shumaila Jaffer and then the scavenger hunt begun. We were the first one to find all the Nando’s logos which was out first task. This, unlocked our morse code sheet which he we had to decode using a QR code that was waiting for us at the khayaban-e-sehar branch. We rushed to our second destination and unluckily we were the second last to reach there, Traffic issues… you know! Anyways, we successfully decoded our next task which was to post a picture of your team with Nando’s logo on Facebook. We did it as fast as we could and headed to our last stop which was Nando’s at the boat basin. We were the 3rd team to reach there. Yay!


We were then given some time to relax that was needed direly after all that running and driving. Then Khurram of Nando’s started a round of some amazing interactive activities. It was then followed by dinner and we were served with the star of the whole show, The Nando’s special “Espetada”. I ordered the spiciest one for myself because you all know how desi my taste buds are. One serving is more than enough for one person like me. I ordered Spicy potato wedges as the side dish. After the dinner we had a photo session with all the Bloggers and the VIP guest Faiza Saleem.

We were then handed over our goody bags and our printed pictures to save the memories. I headed towards the home tired but very satisfied with the activities and the meal. Would I recommend Espetada to you guys? Hell, YES!! It’s spicy, It’s a juicy, grilled goodness. It is a must try!



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