Different Types of Hoodies for Your Body Types

We have always been concerned about dressing up according to our body shapes, but as soon as winter arrives we turn into slacks, wearing enormous sweaters and hoodies. It is about time we start choosing our winter wear according to our body types as well. We have 5 universal body shapes, which we are going to discuss today along with the suggestions for the perfect kind of hoodie for that particular body shape.


With fuller bust and hips, and a defined waist, a pullover hoodie would suit you the best. To accentuate your waist a bit more, tie a belt around it and you’re good to go.


With broad shoulders, and a defined waist, a peplum hoodie would be the perfect option for you. It will add volume to the lower part of your body to balance out the look. 


You have an athletic figure, which is pretty much aligned throughout. Go for a zip up hoodie in bright colors and add a beautiful belt around your waist.


Your hips are the broadest part of your body, while your best and waist is well defined. Opt for something that would add volume to your top like a shoulder studded leather hoodie.


As you have the most volume around your waist and shoulders and lesser around your hips, go for a hoodie that is long enough to go till your knees. Add a belt right below your bust to add more definition to your body.

All kinds of hoodies are available in various clothes markets nationwide. You can also buy hoodies online in Pakistan through online fashion stores at the most affordable prices. This season, walk in vogue with the best winter gear. 

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