Filorga Blogger’s Meet Up.

French skincare products aren’t only my umpteenth choice but anyone having an interest in this field is attracted to them because of their high quality and luxurious formulas.

On April 29th, 2017, one of France’s honored skincare brand; Filorga had arranged a meet-up for the Pakistan’s Beauty influencers, in which beauty bloggers and magazine writers from all over Karachi were invited. After arriving at the decided French restaurant “Cote Rotie”, I took a seat with my fellow bloggers, Farah and Jadirah. A photo session took place at the beginning of the event and soon after, a lively conversation based on the individual interests of the bloggers had spread throughout the diner. Within the next hour, Filorga’s host had introduced their product in a brief speech. Filorga is a renowned French skincare brand founded by a French doctor. Filorga specializes in anti ageing and hydrating products. They also have products that eorks like botox on the skin while not damaging any layer of the skin.

The food was served briefly after the promotion of the brand. In my opinion, The food was exceptional, especially the dark chocolate brownies. As tea and coffee were served, all beauty bloggers discussed ways on how to improve their style of blogging.  At the end of the event, goody bags were handed out among the bloggers. The goody bag consisted of Filorga’s eye make-up remover, a beautiful mug and a few samples of their other products.

The fact that well-known brands such as Filorga are now available in Pakistan makes me glad and open to more options.


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