Star Classic Lawn Collection 2017

Since summers are in full swing, we Pakistani’s are running back towards the most breathable fabric, “Lawn” dyed in bright and lively colors. Among various good quality brands, Star classic lawn is a budget friendly yet high quality brand manufactured by Naveed Nawaz Textiles. Every season Star Classic Lawn comes up which eye catching, good quality designs that worn and adorn by a lot of women and girls. This year, keeping in mind that floral and ethnics are in fashion and are most demanded by the market, the designers have come up with gorgeous floral, ethnic and vibrant designs that caters to young and mature age group both.

The designers have chosen bright and deep colors for the collection of lawn suits 2017. Lawn is like the national fabric of Pakistan, it is loved and preferred by many in Pakistan because of the airy comfort it provides. There was a time that lawn wasn’t considered a formal fabric but heavy embroideries and and applique work have put lawn in the category of formals. Casual, formal and semi formal dresses are a part of star classic lawn 2017 too. All the fashion savvies and brand conscious women can blindly trust this brand because of its high quality and impeccable designs. Star Classic lawn collection is available at their outlets in Hyderi market, Bahadurabad and Tariq road and can also be purchased online through various websites, if going out and shopping for clothes is not feasible for the person.

In a nutshell, the recent lawn collection By Star classic textiles is amazing and something a vast age group can wear, that doesn’t burn a whole in your wallet. As they say, “It is not about how expensive is the dress you’re wearing, it is about ‘how’ you’re wearing it”.

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