“Tum Mein Aur Aik Cup Chae”, Tapal Danedar Beautifully Breaking Stereotypes.

Never make the one you love feel alone, specially when you are right there. ~Unknown.

A woman gives you her whole life, leaves her house for you and in return, all you have to do is make sure you are always there for her. Most men in Pakistan are made to think that their work ends in the office and they have nothing to do with the house chores. Whereas a woman work all day and night. When after 6 pm a man is done with his work, a woman usually have 6 or more working hours left because house chores and a job of a mother and wife never end. In return, to appreciate her if a man helps her out in little chores just to make her feel like he is there with her, it could mean the world to her. 


I recently watched Tapal Danedar’s TVC where our beautiful actress Sanam Saeed is in the middle of rocking her baby to sleep when his husband comes back. She comes out of the room and ask him for food but, instead he suggests to have a cup of tea. According to her habit she reaches out to take the tea, but here is the twist, Her husband, whose role had been played by the most famous Adeel Hussain , takes the tea from her and makes a strong cup of tea for both of them. This is where the ad won my heart. It is amazing how doing little things can strengthen the bond between husband and wife. 


I would say Tapal Danedar is breaking stereotypes in the most beautiful way. I really appreciate the thought of “Tum Mein Aur Aik Cup Chae”.

Check out the complete TVC over here:

I would love to know your thoughts about this TVC. ❤

Much Love. 


6 thoughts on ““Tum Mein Aur Aik Cup Chae”, Tapal Danedar Beautifully Breaking Stereotypes.

  1. These are small acts that are highly ignored in Pakistani society. They make a huge difference in strengthening a relationship. Making a cup of tea does not take a lot of time but the message it gives to your partner makes a big difference

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