Weirdest Instagram Trends We Saw In 2016

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. As we all know 2016 has been the year of weird trends and challenges that kept popping up on social media. Literally anything and everything was a trend and some people took this opportunity as a challenge. The more unusual trend you come up with, the more famous you get. Instagram has been the most famous for setting trends, specially in the beauty community. Some of these were amazing, but some were completely absurd. Here are five insane beauty trends that took over the Instagram by a storm in 2016.

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    We have been crazy about highlighters the past year, but there is a limit to everything. I have seen absolutely gorgeous ladies doing their makeup perfectly and in the end loading up highlighter on the tip of the nose. No girl, you ain”t a flashlight! All you need is a slight dab of highlighter on the bridge of your nose and rarely on the tip of your nose to make it catch the light. Too much highlighter can make the skin look oily and enhance pores.

13098918_230174154024269_1239412648_n maxresdefault


    I am sure we all have tried to achieve that flawless Ombre eyebrows that we see on Instgram in almost every other makeup post but just think about it. Do our brows naturally look like this? I mean, I have never seen a person whose eyebrows start getting dark midway naturally. Now, I am not saying our eyebrows should look like an opaque block above our eyes, but maybe we can make more sense? 




    It all started with 100 layers of nail polish which was crazy and to my shock, people were actually sporting that look. Then came 100 layers of lipstick, foundation, lip gloss, mascara and what not. It was just terrifying and gross at the same time. agree?

colorful_eyebrow_trend_10 gold2


    A pop of color is nice they said. People took it too literal and now every single part of the face has to be colored. Why? because trend! Filling in your brows with neon hues is not only absurd, but also draws away the attention from the whole face and directs it towards the eyebrows only. First, it was sharpie brow, and now crayola brows. I am just trying to figure out what is next.



    Okay, I am guilty of doing this. I have worn overdrawn lips for about a month I would say, and realized how bad they look in real life. They look absolutely gorgeous in pictures, but in real, not so much! Instagram is loaded with makeup videos in which half part of your face is covered by lips and that’s not normal, girls. Not normal. 




    In 2016, when everything is available, every tool, every guide, every makeup and skin care product, I do not understand why would anyone need a bra insert, sock or PAINT ROLLER to apply their foundation. Not only that, people are using cucumbers, sandal heels, knives, tape and what not to create sharp contour lines. Not only these hacks look funny, but can be dangerous too. Applying eyeliner with a knife on the edge of the eye is not safe at all. 


These are the few trends that I hope we cut off from in 2017. We literally just took everything to a whole new level in 2016. I hope you enjoyed this post. It was not meant to offend anyone, it is just what I personally feel and think. Wish you all a great and ON FLEEK year ahead. ❤

I have collaborated with Munazza Bangash of Hall Of Beauty for this post. If you want to check out the “Worst Makeup Trends of 2016” then check it out over here.

Image source: Google Images.

Much Love.


13 thoughts on “Weirdest Instagram Trends We Saw In 2016

  1. You pointed out some really weird instagram trends from last year. Ah yes, nose highlighter is can really enhance pores and if not applied properly can make your nose’s shape look weird too. (Things I learned) And I so hated those crayola brows. I mean who even wears that in real life? :/
    Very well written post (Y)

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  2. Worth reading post
    I totally agree, to look different or just to create a hype to get some extra likes or hashtag rin, instagrammers created many absurd things last year. Glad you pointed it out. Enjoyed ur post. Hope 2017 is safe from such useless trends.


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