Welcoming 2017 + My Engagement Makeup Story & New Year Giveaway.

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I hope you all are doing great. First thing is first. A very happy new year to all of you. May this year bring you all the success and happiness. Ameen. I know, I have been MIA since a long time, but I can explain, I promise! 

The last two months of 2016 were the hardest and busiest for me. I have never been that occupied in my life that I couldn’t even update my social media. Initially, I was busy with my finals, which is inevitable at the end of every semester. I thought I would take a 10 day break from blogging and then resume as I always do. But, nature had other plans for me. Right after my exams, the health condition of my Nani (Grand Ma) worsened and My mom had to shift to her place to take care of her. My siblings and I also started visiting her more often and it made our bond even stronger. As her health wasn’t showing any progress, my Mamu (Uncle) and Khala (Aunt) also took the first flight possible to Pakistan and came to meet Nani. We all were engaged in taking care of her and praying for her. Slowly, her health started getting better. She started speaking again. We all were so glad. In the meanwhile, the parents of my best friend, the love of my life showed interest in me and him getting engaged. Since we all are family friends, we all are very fond of each other so my parents said yes in a second. I felt relieved as everything was getting better gradually. 

Holding my nani's hand

My engagement date was fixed and half of the family was informed, even my Nani was very excited about it which was a very sweet sight to see. A week before my engagement, one night my Nani started having problem in breathing and she was immediately admitted in ICU. She stayed there, struggling for her life for a few hours while the doctors were trying every possible thing to save her. She lost the battle with life in the hospital, leaving us all shocked and devastated. My mom called me from the hospital and told me they were coming to pick us up because Nani has passed away. To say I felt numb and lifeless would be an understatement. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t even move a bit. I loved my Nani so much. I gathered myself up and told my sisters. We went to our Nani’s place and I wept my heart out. I don’t like shouting and crying out loud at funerals or anywhere else and that’s what I have always seen my mom and aunt doing. Even after losing their mother they were weeping and praying for her maghfirat silently which I think is the most important for the deceased. I loved my Nani so much. She was and will always be my biggest inspiration. I can undoubtedly say she was the bravest, most confident and educated woman I have ever seen. 

A few days after her funeral my Mamu, Khala and Nana asked my mom not to cancel my engagement as we are not allowed to mourn over one’s death for more than three days in Islam. So, my mom quietly resumed the preparation for my engagement. After that week passed, it was the day of my engagement and I had to rush to the parlor as soon as I was done with breakfast. I chose Najla’s Beauty Salon for my engagement makeup as I have been their regular customer for their skincare services. I love taking all my services from there. Since I didn’t have much time to books Sabs or Natasha’s I booked Najla’s for my makeup too. My main concern was the base. I do not like excessively Gori (white) brides. I wanted a natural looking base with as less powder as possible. They assured me their base is the most natural looking and looks amazing in the camera too.

When I reached the parlor and met my makeup artist, I told her that I don’t want to look very fair. I am fine with my skin tone and I want a natural looking finish. I even told her that I had my primer, foundation and face powder with me, just in case she needed it. She was really sweet and told me not to worry, but obviously I was worried. When she started my makeup, she covered my entire face with an orange/peach corrector. Now, I do have some scarring and discoloration on my face, but not on MY ENTIRE FACE. I let it go thinking maybe my skin is actually that bad, lol. After that she applied a thick layer of Kryolan TV stick foundation on my entire face and neck. Usually, when I use stick foundation, specially the one that provides full coverage I apple two strokes on each cheek, one on my nose, two on my forehead, one small stroke on my chin and three on my neck but that girl covered my whole face with it. After quickly blending 1000 grams of foundation on my skin, she applied a layer of liquid foundation which was probably too white even for Taylor Swift. I questioned her choice of shade and she said it will be fine one it is done. I crossed my fingers and let her do what she was doing, hoping it will look fine once I am done. She then applied a third layer of foundation which was, to my surprise, a water based, pan cake foundation. This made me lose my mind. I asked her that how can she use a water based foundation over two, thick oil based foundations. She looked at me like she couldn’t decipher a word I said. I stopped her from slathering on more foundations on my skin. She heavily powdered my skin and proceeded to contouring. To my horror, she used a warm toned almost orange bronzer for contouring my entire face. At this point, I was on the verge of crying, but she told me not because my eye makeup will be ruined, like my face wasn’t ruined enough. I told her that I do not like what she is doing and then she tried to correct it and failed. She did not highlight my cheek bones at all and I was like, “Girl, it’s 2016! Where is the highlight?” Once my make up was done, I got off of the chair and looked at my skin closely in the mirror. My makeup was breaking every time I smiled. I messaged my mom to come pick me up as soon as possible so I can redo my makeup. I was sent to the hairstyling room and it was a nice experience. The girl listened to everything I demanded for. Probably because till that time I was furious and I was in no mood of taking any more crap. She did exactly what I asked for my hair and dupatta. As soon as I was done, my mom reached the parlor and drove as fast as safely possible because she was really worried. She kept telling me it’s okay, don’t worry. I was so angry; I could eat a person alive! The moment I reached home, I took off my sandals at the main gate and rushed towards my room and cleaned my entire face except the eyes. They managed to beautifully do my eyes, Thank God! It took 5 wipes and a shit load of Bioderma to get those 50 shades of foundations layered on my skin. I redid my whole face makeup and believe me I used only two pumps of Masarrat Misbah Silk foundation, after applying primer to entirely cover my face and all the discoloration I had. I did the entire contouring, blush, highlighting the way I wanted and the way a sane person would do. Smoked out my eye makeup a bit and five minutes before leaving, I was finally satisfied with my makeup. 


After that, the whole event went perfect Alhamdulillah and everyone loved my makeup. My makeup stayed in place throughout the event and even looked good in the pictures. You don’t need 100 layers of foundations to look good in camera. My first priority is to have a proper skin tone and texture while meeting someone in person, not in pictures only. I am glad I took that last minute decision to re do my makeup myself.

Whoa! That was one long post. If you have reached till here, Thank you so much. I love you all a lot and that is why I have a giveaway for you all to kick start this year ❤ 

New Year Giveaway

The New Year giveaway is live on my Facebok and Instagram. Make sure to participate ❤

Once again, sending warm wishes your way.

Much Love.


13 thoughts on “Welcoming 2017 + My Engagement Makeup Story & New Year Giveaway.

  1. Sorry to hear about ur Nani Jaan. May Allah grant her highest rank in Jannah.
    Thank you for sharing engagement makeup story. Sadly many of salons these day do this to poor brides these days and they can do nothing about it. But you are one brave girl for removing it all and redoing it your self. I must say I am super impressed with your makeup skills as you looked gorgeous in your engagement pictures and I was loving how natural your foundation and highlighting looked. So it was youuuuu who did it. Applause!

    Congratulations again on getting engaged to the man of your dreams. May you be blessed always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much :* and yes I had no other option than redoing it. I couldn’t look like a cake face on my engagement. I have never thanked youtube enough in my life than
      I did that day LOL! Thanks a lot for the appreciation ❤


  2. Awww loved reading this post Umaima!
    Happy New Year to the newly engaged couple 😉 and yes the makeup was just perfect on your big day, you did a great job and was looking stunning! xx
    And May Allah grant Jannah to Nani Amma, Aameen

    Liked by 1 person

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