Oriflame Bloggers Meetup. #FulfillYourDreamsWithOriflame

Hello girls,

I hope you are doing well. I’m doing pretty good too, since winter is here and brought along different treats to enjoy. One of them was that last weekend, I was invited by the team of Oriflame Cosmetics Pakistan to a bloggers meet up. The grand event took place at the well-known Marriot Hotel, Karachi.

Oriflame Bloggers Meet UpOriflame Bloggers Meet Up

Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up

The place where the event was happening was beautiful and grand, and so gorgeously decorated that I couldn’t help but be amazed by it. The hosts of the event welcomed the guests very warmly, which was a really pleasant feeling and a good start to the event. They answered all our questions about their sales strategies and product catalog. We all were yet again amazed when the hosts let us know all about the wonderful progress of Oriflame Cosmetics. Oriflame Cosmetics provide high quality products ranging from skin care to hair care, beauty products, fragrances, etc. One of the reasons for the success of Oriflame Cosmetics is that instead of displaying it’s products on shelves or using any false advertisement to increase their sales, Oriflame Cosmetics company chooses to impress their potential customers by their word of mouth. Another one of many proofs of Oriflame Cosmetic’s success is that it’s products are only available through it’s consultants, which is also a way of providing jobs to women who need opportunities of making an earning while staying at home.

Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up

After the speech, I moved on to the makeup-testing counter where I got to try the products by Oriflame Cosmetics, and I was positively overwhelmed by the quality. The lipsticks and nail polish stood out among the rest, they were so smooth and luxurious.

Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up

After enjoying my time at the makeup counter, all the guests moved on to the buffet and enjoyed the well managed Hi-Tea. My favorite among the variety of dishes were the savory, saucy meatballs! And of course, the Karachite in me was completely satisfied with the strong tea. After the refreshments, the bloggers were allotted Oriflame goody bags.

Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up Oriflame Bloggers Meet Up

The bags had Oriflame skin care products, beauty products, a Golden Pass for the Oriflame Managers’ Seminar, and a cute mug. After receiving the goody bags, the bloggers were interviewed by the Oriflame team, which in my opinion was the hardest part. It’s not easy speaking in front of a camera, specially for a camera shy like me. Haha! The most alive moment of the whole meet up was at the end of the meeting, when we along with the Oriflame team, posed for a group photo. The whole event was very well organized and I had a good time from starting till the end.


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