Trend Alert: Jamsu, A Korean Technique For Long Lasting Makeup.

When it comes to makeup trends, Korean women have shown the world that they can go 100 levels of daring and unique.

Jamsu makeup

Recently a Japanese beauty blogger on YouTube, talked about this Korean makeup setting technique that went viral within a day and everyone started trying it out. Jamsu is a makeup technique quite similar to baking. First step is to moisturize and prime your skin. Now, apply your foundation like you normally do. Take Baby powder or any loose, setting powder and heavily apply it all over your face like you would apply under your eyes and jawline, while baking. let it sit for about a minute and meanwhile, fill a tub/ container with cold water. Dunk your face into the water for about 30 seconds and take it out. Let your face air dry. You might notice a few blotches of powder on your face once the water is dried, but that can be dusted away with a clean powder brush. You can then complete the rest of your look that would last a very long time. However, If you have dry skin you might want to decrease the amount of time you spend under water as it may make your skin look dead matte and drier.

Jamsu Makeup

flawless Korean makeup

I tried this technique using E.l.f Loose translucent powder and Johnson’s baby powder and both gave amazing results. Though the baby powder clung to my skin a bit more, but, I dusted it off with a powder brush. My skin felt soft and smooth like a baby’s skin and my makeup lasted all day long which is rare, especially in Karachi’s heat.

You can check out the original video on YoonCharmi’s Channel on YouTube. Just FYI, Jamsu is the name of a bridge over a river in South Korea. Hmm… I see where the technique is coming from.

So ladies, would you walk an extra mile, or should I say, ‘Dive’ an extra mile to set your makeup?


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