Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”- Review, Swatch & Comparison.

Hey girls,

It’s been a while since I last posted a detailed review of my favorite product. Today, under the spotlight, we have Inglot AMC gel eyeliner which is dearest to my heart because of two reasons. First; it works incredibly well for me and second, it cost me a fortune. No, you don’t have to spend a million dollars for it but to me, it cost a lot. I bought this eyeliner at the launch of Inglot cosmetics outlet on Dolmen City Mall, Karachi and I was so excited to try it out as soon as I reach home. But to my misfortune, Me and Farah Zaki of Impatient Person Blog, got robbed on the way back to our home. We had phones, a DSLR, and a laptop that was snatched away by hideous people in minutes. This incident left me and Farah so in shock that I literally forgot about the event and what I had bought. After a few days, I saw this eyeliner lying on my dressing table, right where I left it and I decided to give it a try. That is when I fell in love with it. Why? Scroll down to read why.


Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”


High intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colours after just one application. The creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries to a longlasting, smudge proof, and crease proof finish.

Hypoallergenic, waterproof.

Shades Available: 32



Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”


The eyeliner comes in a simple yet classy plastic pot with the brand name and color code specified on it. Since pot is made of plastic and is slim which makes it light weight and easy to carry around in a purse.

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77"- Ingredients.

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”- Ingredients.


Formulation wise, the eyeliner is silky and creamy with a smooth texture that glides seamlessly on the eyelids without tugging. I have got the shade “77” which is the most pigmented and blackest black gel eyeliner I have used up till yet. It dries to a matte finish and lasts forever. It does not fade off, transfer or even move. Removing it will require a good eye makeup remover as it won’t come off with plain water. Its claim of being waterproof and sweat proof is true. If you rub your eyes vigorously, it will come off in the form of bits or powder but won’t smudge. Not only on the eyelid, this eyeliner performs a phenomenal job on the water line too. It doesn’t smudge or bleed, even in the Karachi heat. The only thing you have to be very careful about it is that it dries very quickly, so, if you make a error then just be as quick as possible to remove it otherwise it will be quite difficult to remove it. I use it with Winsor & Newton brush in “00” to apply it and it gives me the smoothest and the sharpest wing. Now, you must be thinking why I use an artist brush for makeup? It’s because, firstly, I am a design student and secondly, I have tried tons of eyeliner brushes, but no brush provides the precision that this brush gives. It’s an unquestionable requirement for me.

Swatch- Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in "77" Vs Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Swatch- Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77” Vs Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

In comparison with Maybelline Eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner, I found Inglot gel eyeliner to be more black and matte (the finish that I love in every product). Also, Inglot gel eyeliner is more long lasting and waterproof than the Maybelline one. Maybelline eyeliner fades off a tad bit while taking shower, whereas Inglot gel eyeliner doesn’t budge at all.


Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner costs PKR 1300 and is available at their outlets in Ocean mall and Dolmen City mall. It can also be bought online through Facebook pages.


To sum it all up, I have found my new, holy grail eyeliner. The pot looks chic and the formula is heart winning. I love eyeliners that give a dead matte finish as I believe glossy/shiny eyeliners take away the attention from the rest of your eye makeup look. A matte one kind of binds the whole look together. Since the pot holds a good amount of product, I found the price to be okay specially because of the high quality product. Would I recommend it? Definitely YES!



  • Long lasting.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Blackest black.
  • Water/Sweat proof.
  • Smudge/Bleed proof.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Matte finish.
  • Good price tag.


  • Dries quickly.

Have you tried Inglot AMC gel eyeliner? What are your thoughts about it? Share your experience in the comments down below.Β 

26 thoughts on “Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in “77”- Review, Swatch & Comparison.

  1. I just love love love this gel liner, Love the fact that how pigmented it is and I totally agree with you it dries real fast so for that I bought their Duraline, now whenever I used it I just put few drops of duraline into my gel liner and yeah its as fresh as it was at the first swatch

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  2. this looks amazing i love eyeliners that stay put ,smudged out eyeliner isnt my cup of tea ill definitely get this thanks for the review honey n sorry to hear you were mugged though i remember the thief being cursed for taking the dslr what a shame . nice detailed review must hav 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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