Sheops Lauched It’s Website And Mobile App.

Hey ladies,

I was recently invited to the launch of Sheops website and cell phone application. A lot of you must have an idea what Sheops is but, those who are new to this name, Sheops is an online marketplace, owned by Nadia Patel Gangjee where women can buy and sell things without any fear. Sheops supports women entrepreneurship and provides them with a safe, hassle-free environment to run their business. Sheops additionally encourages home based businesses and help reach their goals.

Nadia Hussain.

Nadia Hussain.

Huma Bakae

Huma Bakae.

Nadia Qamar, Nadia Hussain & Nadia Patel Gangjee.

Nadia Qamar, Nadia Hussain & Nadia Patel Gangjee.

Jehan Ara.

Jehan Ara.

When I entered the venue, I was warmly welcomed by Nadia and she directed us to the room where there was a speech session going on. Inspiring women like Huma Bakae, Jehan Ara, Sadaf Abid, Li Ping Lo, and Nadia Hussain spoke about Women’s empowerment and the journey of Sheops. I somehow felt quite uplifted and empowered by the words of these amazing women who proved that there is nothing a woman can’t do. We also heard the stories of top Sheopers, about the beginning of their business, how they reached the height they are now at, and how Sheops became a source of their success.


Sheops cake.

Sheops cake.

Everything was Delicious!

Everything was Delicious!

Then there was the cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the launch of the Sheops website. After that I went to the cafeteria, and let me tell you, that place smelled divine. Each and everything over there was made by the women who were a part of Sheops Businesswomen Panel. Everything tasted wonderful!

Inside my goody bag.

Inside my goody bag.

As I was leaving, I was handed a goody bag by one of their team members which was an added delight to the evening (Who doesn’t love goodies?). I left the place with a lot of positive energy and pride in the women of Pakistan, which had me feeling quite content.

Sheops Website:



It is an online mega shopping store where individual sellers have an online shop. It has six categories; Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Handmade, Preloved, and Food. You can also sign in to the website using your Facebook ID to further explore and purchase what your heart desires. Their mission is to provide women a trusted online marketplace. It is quite easy to navigate through the website. Everything is mentioned in the menu and clearly divided into categories, adding to the ease of the customers.

Check out the story of Sheops journey in the Words of Nadia Patel Gangjee:

What I learned from that event is, every woman is an individual that has the right to study and work even if she doesn’t suffer financially. She has the right to make a name in this male-dominant society. She has the right to prove that she can do everything. Lady power all the way!

Much Love.


10 thoughts on “Sheops Lauched It’s Website And Mobile App.

  1. I felt the same motivation listening to everyone’s speeches and I am so glad I didn’t miss this event. Also it was very nice to spend some time with u 😉


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