Women’s Lawn Collection 2016

To me, clothing is a form of self expression- there are hints about who you are in what you wear –Marc Jacobs.

Lawn 2016lawn 2016

Dressing style is something which differs from one person to another but the one thing that we Pakistani women have in common is the endless love for lawn fabric dresses. Selection of women’s dresses in summer proves to be quite difficult. That is when lawn comes to rescue. This light and airy fabric comes in a lot of eye-catching, prints and styles, Floral and digital prints being the most wanted this year adding to the elegance of our already beautiful women. When it comes to bazaars and shopping malls, they are not only flooded with vibrant and alluring prints, but also with different commercial and designer brands. Every year, various designer lawn exhibitions are conducted and buyers start gathering around hours before the opening, pushing and colliding with each other to get their hands on the limited edition pieces.

Online businesses have also grasped the significance that lawn dresses posses among us women therefore a vast majority of branded lawn is also available online. Lawn suits online shopping is great for women who are busy and do not find it easy to go out and spend hours for the perfect lawn dress hunt. Pictures from the catalogs are available on the online shopping websites for one to choose the desired design among them and that dress gets delivered to the buyer’s doorstep within a few days.

In short, In Pakistan, summer is the season of lawn. Whether you wear it at parties, meetings or at home, it will provide you comfort and style at the same time.

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14 thoughts on “Women’s Lawn Collection 2016

  1. True. Out of all the fabrics LAWN is the best.
    And you are right not only color themes but the designers are also coming up with different type of printings. Pakistan’s lawn collection is gaining popularity day by day. 🙂

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