Trend Alert: Chroming Is The Thing!

Hey girls,

In the recent Dudettestalk page status, I asked you all, if you would like to see a haul post or a trend alert and all of you asked for a trend alert. This is a new series on this blog in which I will share the latest trends about makeup and fashion. 

Makeup trends keep changing. First came contouring then clown contouring then came baking and strobing. Now we have chroming. We have a new, minimalist trend for highlighting our face using a lipstick. Yes, A lipstick! Lipsticks have been used as blushes since ages, but as a highlighter? Let’s see!

Highlighting is all about emphasizing the top parts of your face and giving it a healthy looking, fresh appearance. According to Wayne Goss, “2016 is all about the glow, the year of the Glow” and I quite agree with that, We all have been loving Natasha’s signature #100wattskin makeup looks and everyone went gaga over Becca Champagne pop by Jaclyn Hill, which is a proof enough that 2016 really is the year of the glow.

Chroming done by Dominic Skinner.

Chroming done by Dominic Skinner.

Coming back to the chroming technique, It has been created by Dominic Skinner, M.A.C’s senior makeup artist who has also recently used M.A.C clear lip gloss on a model’s eye lids to add a striking glow to the look. What he did was, he used M.A.C x Mariah Carey “All I Want” lipstick as a highlight on the cheekbones, brow bone and Eyelids and turned the model into a glowing goddess with just one lipstick. I personally love using one product for different purposes, especially when travelling. I have always used my eyeshadow as a highlighter and now its time to give my lipstick a try. 

M.A.C x Mariah Carey "All I Want" Lipstick.

M.A.C x Mariah Carey “All I Want” Lipstick.

In a nutshell, chroming is strobing using a lipstick. It’s more like cream highlighting but a bit stickier that takes a while to set. I would suggest setting it with a powder highlighter anyways and tadaa! You are done. This technique is great for you if you are a multitasking product lover like me or on the go or maybe in a hurry that saves quite a few bucks too. 

What are your thoughts about chroming? Share in the comments down below. 

Image source: Google Images.


9 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Chroming Is The Thing!

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  2. Nice post! I have been chroming for quite a while without actually being aware of it. I have used my gloss for a healthy glow on my eyelids and on my cheek bones. That techniques always payed me compliments on how glowy and healthy I looked. So, I think this is a legit technique that is gonna go far in 2016.
    And yes, Wayne Goss, absolute love! Very right. This is the year of glow.
    Love the series, honey, would love to see more!
    Also, setting the lipstick or gloss with powder will, one; give it a very cakey look, two; the glow will disappear 80 percent, and three; it will separate through out the day and look like a mess. Personal experience. Agh; bad days!
    Update soon, love!

    ~Munazza Bangash
    Desirable Purity

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