My Winter Skin Care Routine 2016.

Hello ladies,

If you have read my new year resolutions post you might know that I have promised myself to take more care of my skin. Just to add to the motivation, two pimples showed up on my forehead constantly reminding me how much I have to treat my skin like a baby now. I have very sensitive combination skin that is quite prone to get acne. It is oilier in summers and dry in winters. Therefore, I have to switch my skin care routine up from season to season specially the moisturizers.

Skin Care 2016

Skin Care 2016

This winter, I have decided to simplify my skin care routine and reduce it to 4 steps (cleanse, tone, moisturize & Treat) only. So, today I am sharing my daily skin care routine with you all that includes nothing fancy like masks and serums and night creams and trust me, simplifying the routine helps a lot.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Cleanse:

Pond's Pimple Care Face Wash.

Pond’s Pimple Care Multi Action Face Wash.

So, first thing is first. I cleanse my face with Pond’s Pimple clear multi action face wash because yeah! I have been attacked by acne. I was expecting a good change in my skin type as I have turned 20 this year, but my skin just decided to attract more acne to it. To deal with these uninvited guests I am using this face wash morning, day and night and it is working quite well. It dries out my skin, which, in a way, is helping to get rid of my acne.

Step 2: Tone:

Marhaba Rose Water.

Marhaba Rose Water.

I wasn’t very serious about toning my skin after cleansing, but this year I am going to make it an important part of my skincare routine. I use plain rose water as a skin toner to combat acne and dullness. It has been a week and I have started noticing the freshness on my skin already. Lovin’ it to bits!. 
Note: If you are allergic to rose water, please do not try this.

Step 3: Moisturize:

L-R: Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Body Lotion, Johnson's Baby Lotion, Vaseline Cocoa Petroleum Jelly, The Body Shop Oils For Life Facial Oil.

L-R: Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Body Lotion, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Vaseline Cocoa Petroleum Jelly, The Body Shop Oils For Life Facial Oil.

This is where my skin care routine changes in accordance with the weather. During winter, I use slightly heavier moisturizers and stay away from moisturizers that contain salicylic acid because they tend to dry up the skin a little bit. I use Johnson’s baby lotions, my HG moisturizer, on my face and neck and then use one drop of The Body Shop Oils for life around my nose and mouth as they get drier during this time of the year.

For moisturizing my body, I am currently loving Garnier Intensive 7 days hydrating body lotion. It smells really fresh and hydrates my skin perfectly without being greasy or sticky. For lips, I use the good ol’ Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Step 4: Treat:

Clina Gel.

Clina Gel.

When it comes to spot treatment creams, I have tried tons and none of them worked for me. Then I came across this post on Sara Hassan’s blog where she mentioned how Clina gel has helped her control her acne so I gave it a try. It is a decent spot treatment gel that helps you get rid of your acne to an extent within 3 to 4 days. In short, I am pleased with this cream.

Overall, I am satisfied with my current skin care routine. I hope I stick to it and won’t be as lazy as last year. Within a week my skin has started feeling happier and I hope it thanks me real soon.
I will share the fancier version of my skin care routine, more like a spa day when I relax and treat myself a little bit more, soon.

So, that’s it girls. What is your skincare routine? What are your Holy Grail skincare products? Share in the comments 🙂


18 thoughts on “My Winter Skin Care Routine 2016.

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  2. Love this post, as recently, I also am quite into the skin care. But oh, the dirt pollution and scorching heat of our university. God! So, I was looking for some good products. I’m into YC a lot these days. It leaves good result on my skin.
    I really wanna try the oil. I’ve heard applying oil as a night treatment really helps rejuvenate the skin. Let’s see! 🙂 Would love a review on the Body Shop Oils For Life Facial Oil. Where did you buy it from?
    Oh, and can’t wait to read your Summer routine!
    Great post :*

    Liked by 1 person

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