Independence Day Manicure…. A Collaboration Post With “She Corner” & “Divine Smudge”.

 Hello Dudettes,

First of all, A very happy independence day to all of you. I hope all of you are enjoying this day of freedom in full swing. For this special occasion, I have collaborated with Momina Haseeb of “Divine Smudge” and Naba Iqbal of “She Corner” to present to you some Independence Day Makeup and Nail art looks.

I decided to do a nail art inspired by the color of our flag and to spice things a little bit, I substituted white with silver to give it a more glam touch. Let’s get started with the nail art!

You’ll Need:

Green Nail Polish.
Silver Nail Polish.Top Coat.
Tooth pick or dotting tool.

Step One:

Independence Day nail art

Start off with painting all of of nail green. I used Color Institute Peel Off Nail Polish in ” 

Step Two:

Independence Day nail art

With a silver nail polish, Start making thick French tips. I used Loveable Luxuries Nail Polish in “Silver”. You can also use French manicure tip guides for more control and precision.

Step Three:

Independence Day nail art

On your ring finger nail, Make dots in U shaped pattern as shown in the picture.

Step Four:

Independence Day nail art

Seal it off with your favorite top coat. I used Sweet Touch clear nail polish and you are done :).

These were the four easy steps to an 14th August inspired nail art. I hope you like it.

Don’t forget to check out Naba’s Nail art over here and Momina’s Makeup look over here.

Once again, Happy Independence Day. May Allah bless Pakistan with success and prosperity. Ameen 🙂

Pakistan Zindabad ❤

Umaima Mehtab.


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