“Childhood Makeup Story” And A Few Words With Huda Naveed :)

Hello Gorgeous Ladies, 

Today we have with us, A very special lady, Huda Naveed, Owner of The Lipstickholic Blog.Before we start the interview let me tell you briefly about her. She is an amazing personality. Talking to her has always been a pleasure. I have never met anyone as helping and kind as her. She is a beautiful soul wrapped in a gorgeous appearance. She is more than a friend, She is like my sister who is always there when I need. I can talk about how amazing she is for the whole day but let’s get started with the interview 🙂Hi Huda, Welcome to Dudettestalk. 🙂

Hey Umaima, Thank you for the warm welcome.

1. Tell us briefly about your beautiful self?

Huda Naveed
I am Huda Naveed, an MBA in HRM and a gold medalist Alhamdulillah 🙂 I am based in Islamabad, Pakistan which is known as the city of tranquility. I talk less and listen more. Sounds boring right? But trust me you won’t get bored in my company.I am passionate about makeup and photography. Currently, am a content writer/blogger and I am loving it so far.

2. You are really helping. I have experienced it myself. How do manage to help everyone whether they ask for it or not?
Thanks Umaima. That’s so sweet of you to say like this. I think it’s in my nature. Being an HRM student, I took those personality tests a few times and the results suggested that my personality type is “The Nurturer”. I have been like this always. I love helping people especially those who are my friends and even strangers and newbies too. How do I manage to do that…??? Well, I don’t know I just take some time out for it. Sometimes it’s kinda hard when you are busy but I try to be of help as much as I can and it gives me satisfaction 🙂

3. When and how did you step into the world of makeup and blogging?

Lipstickholic blog
I started my blog in November 2013. Since my uni days, I so loved the idea of having a blog. I loved to write and even published some precise makeup reviews on few forums. However during studies I never had the time to start and manage my own proper blog because when I do something I do it with full concentration and effort. Once I finished my MBA, I had the time and passion to finally jump into the world of blogging and one night I finally did so. I am glad I did it and that’s how I am here today 🙂

4. You, yourself are an inspiration for new bloggers but before you started blogging, who influenced you to start your own blog?

Huda Naveed
Christine of Temptalia. Since my college days I used to follow her blog regularly. I had actually bookmarked her page in my browser and I used to open it daily to see what’s new. At that time I even had no idea that it was a BLOG and I can create my own blog too. All I knew was I so loved what she was doing there. I really admired her way of writing and how consistent she was with her posts. She had a specific pattern and was so punctual. A full time blogger, who used to post twice or thrice a day, that really inspired me. Her collection of makeup was drool-worthy. I learned about almost all good brands through her. After few years I came to know that Temptalia is actually a BLOG and there is something called “Blogging”. So yes if I have to say which blogger influenced me to start my own blog, it would be Christine of Temptalia. I still really admire her work and wish I can be as good as her someday In Shaa Allah 🙂

5. We all know you are lipstick-aholic, so, which lipsticks are you eying on these days?
Without any doubt, I have MM Makeup lipsticks on my wish-list currently. I really want to try their liquid lipsticks and long lasting matte lipsticks. Other than that, color pop lippiestix. They look amazing and I have been eying them for so long. Let’s see when I can finally get the chance to try these new lip products.

6. How would you describe your dressing style?
I am very particular about my dressing style and I would say I try to keep a balance. Yes I follow current trends and fashion, but I tailor it according to my liking or what actually looks good on me. I usually wear kameez (shirt) with trousers or straight pants (eastern clothes). Occasionally wear jeans and tops, not so often though.

7. Who is your role model?
Role model. Hmmm… that’s a tough one. Mother is always an inspiration for a daughter and so is mine for me. And one of my aunt’s, she has been a great inspiration for me. So yeah she in a way is a role model for me. And yes can I name Christine of Temptalia once again 😀

8. What are the TV shows that catches your interest?
None really. I do watch our Pakistani dramas just because I want to spend that TV time with my Mom. Hardly few of our dramas really managed to grab my attention. I don’t watch seasons too. Don’t know why but don’t really find them interesting. I like to watch movies and I watch those often. My genres of interest are drama, thriller, mystery and comedy.

9. Share with us your childhood makeup story. Every girl has one 😉
Oh yes we do. I was crazy about makeup since my childhood. I used to apply my Mom’s lipsticks even when I was a child. I mean lipsticks have always really appealed me. Since my early teens, I used to spend my eidi and any savings on makeup, particularly lipsticks and those too in horrible shades lol. I had lipsticks in shades like silver, bronze, taupe and even black and many frosty shades which I so hate now. I never used to wear those shades but just loved collecting makeup. So I can say I had this passion for collecting makeup right from my childhood. And yes there are many horror stories of some horrible makeup looks that I created when I started wearing makeup. Lol. Trust me you don’t want to hear those 😀

10. We would love to know more about you.
Your beauty profile:
Skin tone? Its pale fair (NC 20-25)
Skin type? Dry to Combination
Under tone? Yellow
Eye & Hair color? Brown eyes and black slightly wavy hair

11. Show us your vanity and your secret to keep it organized?

Huda Naveed Vanity
Oh I really like to keep my things organized. My room, my study, my vanity and everything. I like to keep it all neat, clean and well-organized and it’s in my nature :)As for my vanity, I usually keep the moisturizers, primers, foundations, perfumes and deos that am using currently on the top. I also have some small acrylic organizers and other drawers in which I keep my lipsticks and other stuff and I keep those organizers on top of my vanity too. Then in the first drawer of my vanity, I have the stuff that I use most often. Things like my blushers, highlighters, lip crayons and few brushes that I use the most are in the first drawer. In the second drawer, I keep all my precious makeup brushes, my eye palettes and products that are under testing phase. Then in the lower cabinets I have my hairstyling tools and things that I don’t use so often. I have a completely separate organizer for my hair accessories and jewelry. And yes, am a packaging hoarder too and I keep and save the packaging of most of my products in that organizer too 😀 Here is a picture of my vanity and sneak peek into some of my drawers and my makeup stuff.

12. Would you like to say something to our lovely beauty bloggers out there?

Huda Naveed
Yes, I would like to take this opportunity to tell my fellow bloggers especially those who are new that blogging is much more than just a hobby. It’s a passion and can be a complete career too. Everyone has his/her own style of writing and carrying out things. My advice to you is,expect less and give more. Just be yourself, follow your own style and create your own identity. Am sure, if you are passionate about what you are doing, you will make your own way and will get there, where you want to be In Shaa Allah 🙂
Once again, thank you so much Umaima for providing me this opportunity. I really, really enjoyed answering these questions. To me, you are more than a just a friend. You are really talented and I wish you all the very best ahead. Stay blessed.

Thank you so much, Huda. It was lovely knowing more about you 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the interview. Don’t forget to check out her blog and Make sure to follow her.

Much Love xx ❤



34 thoughts on ““Childhood Makeup Story” And A Few Words With Huda Naveed :)

  1. Huda is such a darling person, I once have had a conversation with her, she is such a sweetheart, polite and lovely person. Loved your post.

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  2. Thanks so much umaima for sharing huda’s interview, I am a big fan of her love her alot 🙂 I really enjoyed this post and found few more things about this gorgeous ❤ may Allah bless you both with a lot of success.

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  3. Thank you so much Umaima for the lovely intro. You are indeed more than a friend, just like my younger sis ❤ I really enjoyed answering all these questions for you and I wish you all the very best for your blog, life and everything ahead 🙂 Stay blessed

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  4. Wow. Such a lovely interview. I really enjoyed reading about Huda. Such a sweet blogger. Hey Huda I found some things common between you and me. Any ways loved reading it.

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