POND’S “White Beauty” Bloggers Meetup.


White Beauty incorporates revolutionary ‘GenWhite Technology’ to unblock inner glow

(Karachi), 22 May 2015: Pond’s recently held a bloggers event to re-introduce its White Beauty Cream and Face wash, which incorporates its revolutionary GenWhite technology. The bloggers meet is part of Pond’s continuing effort to help consumers unleash their true self and unblock their inner glow.

The patented Pond’s GenWhite technology contains fairness and skin benefit actives and triple sun-screens and is professionally designed for deep absorption, to go three layers deep and remove dark spots and dark circles from the root – leaving skin fresh and glowing.

Rabia Abdullah, Assistant Brand Manager, Pond’s Pakistan, highlighted, “Good skin is not just about fair complexion but also about freshness and the glow. The GenWhite technology is part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting the most out of their lives.”

The event was hosted by Alishba Yousuf, renowned celebrity and former Pond’s Girl, who introduced inspiring stories of individuals who had experienced the ‘Journey to Inner Glow’ by using Pond’s White Beauty regularly. Alishba also nominated four women to carry forward the Pond’s Legacy of unblocking their Inner Glow.

The journey to unblocking your Inner Glow is an initiative by Pond’s to empower girls to feel comfortable in their skin and then pass on the challenge to several other girls around them.


About Pond’s Pakistan

Pond’s was first introduced to the world in 1846, when pharmacist Theron T. Pond developed ‘Pond’s Extracts’, a witch hazel-based beauty product. It was the first step towards a true revolution in women’s beauty. The brand’s role as a beauty innovator was further established in 1914 with the advent of Pond’s Cold Cream, a product which became the staple of women everywhere. In the 1950s, Pond’s introduced the ‘7 Day Beauty Plan’, the first beauty regime of its kind and a promise that still holds true today.In 2008, Pond’s took a new lease on life. Both inside and out, the Pond’s Institute reinvented the Pond’s range of products to further meet the needs of women. The beauty icon’s global rebirth translates to a completely fresh, revolutionary range of face care products. It featured solutions for all skin types, breakthrough formulations, delicate perfumes, and attractive packaging.Pond’s now offers various platforms such as oil control and acne solution for young women around the world, equipped with the latest technologies for all skin types and ages. Today, Pond’s stands for an effortless blend of science and beauty, a brand which enhances the soft strength of women around the world.

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