Marlin Cosmetics “Hot Lips” Lipstick in “168” “123” “106” & “118” -Review.

Hello, my gorgeous girls,

I am back with a few more lipsticks πŸ˜‰ Nope, I can’t stop buying lipsticks. I love them. Today, under the limelight, we have Marlin cosmetics “Hot Lips” lipsticks. Marlin cosmetics is a desi brand that offers quality products that are made according to our desi skin tones. Since there is no Website of Marlin cosmetics, I couldn’t find the product description. Therefore, I will jump straightforwardlyΒ  to my thoughts about this product.

Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick.

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick.



Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick.

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick.

It comes in a black swivel tube that looks chic. Each lipstick is labelled with plain numbers mentioned at the base of the tube. Each tube is labelled with “Hot Lips” which is the name of the collection.


Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick in "168"

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick in “168”

Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick in "123"

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick in “123”

Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick in "106"

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick in “106”

Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick in "118"

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick in “118”

Formula wise, these lipsticks are amazing. They are very buttery and glides smoothly on the lips. All of these are quite moisturizing therefore, applying lip balm underneath is not necessary. They do not settle into the fine lines of the lips which I think is a plus. Coming to the pigmentation, it varies from shade to shade. Some comes off quite opaque in single swipe and some requires layering. The lasting power of these lipsticks is very less. It transfers while drinking and blurs evenly with in 2 hours and 1 hour maximum while eating anything oily. These lipsticks have a strong powdery scent that fades away with time.


Marlin "Hot Lips" lipsticks -Swatched.

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipsticks -Swatched.

Marlin cosmetics Hot Lips lipsticks retails for PKR 150 to 200, depends upon the retailer. I bought mine from Saima shopping mall. It can be bought from all the local cosmetics stores.


Marlin "Hot Lips" lipstick ingredients.

Marlin “Hot Lips” lipstick ingredients.

These lipsticks are my absolute favorite. I was not a pink lipstick kind of person because I couldn’t find MY shade of pink but, it all changed when I bought Marlin hot lips lipstick in 118. I was beyond excited when I found MY shade of pink (For reference, I am NC 25 in MAC). Now I have the idea of what sort of pinks would suit my skintone. All in all, I love these lipsticks, they come in a huge variety of shades so there will be a shade for everyone. Would I recommend it ? Yes1 πŸ™‚

NOTE: Red shades contains carmine which is a haram ingredient. (I have tossed away the red shade I have got from this line.)





  • Buttery texture.
  • Does not settle in fine lines.
  • Smooth application.
  • Affordable.
  • Huge variety of shades.
  • Chic packaging.
  • Cream finish.


  • Strong powdery scent.
  • Less staying power.
  • Might contain carmine.

Have you tried Marlin Cosmetics “Hot Lips” Lipsticks? Share your experience πŸ™‚


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