Essence Glossy Lip Balms in “Mango Ice cream” & “Cherry Brownie” -Review.

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I know I am out of my posting routine a little bit because my university has started and I am attempting to get adjusted in my new routine. I am working on making my life a bit more organized so nothing gets delayed or missed. So, here it is, according to my day arrangement, time for blogging.
Since, winter is in full swing right now and I spend half of my day outside, I grabbed a product that can moisturize my lips like a lip balm and accessorize them like a lip gloss. Want to know further about it? Span down!


Sweet Lips: the pampering, light formula of the glossy lip balms in fresh colors give your lips a gorgeous shine and it has a delicious fragrance, too! fruits are mixed with sweet delicacies to create fabulous flavors.



Essence Glossy Lip Balms.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms.

The glossy lip balm comes in a squeeze-y tube format with colored, plastic, twist off cap. The brand label and description of the product is specified on the tube in an eye catching manner. Upon opening, it has a slant, lipstick like tip from where the product comes out. The tube is tiny, hence can be fitted effortlessly in the clutch or makeup bag.


Essence Glossy Lip Balms.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms.

Essence glossy balm is a hybrid of lip gloss and lip balm which mean it has a balmy texture as of a lip balm and a glossy finish as of a lip gloss. It provides a tinted, polished shine and moisturizes at the same time. Once applied, the moisture is absorbed into the lips leaving behind a sheer wash of color making the lips look healthy and gorgeous. It contains finely milled shimmer particles that reflects light and makes the lips appear fuller. Both the shades actually tastes like the flavor they are mentioned and smells delicious. I am quite impressed with it. However, it can be distracting for indivisuals who are trying to finish the habit of licking their lips.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms in Mango Ice Cream.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms in Mango Ice Cream.

Mango Ice cream: It is warm pink color that tastes like artificial mango. If you have had the chance to “Slice” juice, this glossy lip balm tastes like that.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms in Cherry Brownie.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms in Cherry Brownie.

Cherry Brownie: It is a cool toned berry color that tastes like medicinal berry syrup.

Essence Glossy balm retails for PKR 230 each and can be purchased from All Essence counters across the country. I purchased mine from the Essence counter at Shahabs, KDA. Online buyers can find these at &



Essence Glossy Lip Balms in Mango Ice Cream and Cherry Brownie -Swatched Heavily.

Essence Glossy Lip Balms are amazing, they have a slight tint which looks pretty, and are moisturizing enough to be called a Balm. Love the fact that it has a taste. If you are trying to quit your lip licking habit then be aware. Though it moisturizes well and gives a nice sheen and tint to my lips but I think it is overly priced considering the quantity. Other than that, it is an amazing product. I take this to university with me for adding instant freshness to my lips.


  • Well moisturizing.
  • Has a glossy tint.
  • Has an aftertaste.
  • Smells delicious.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Finely milled shimmer particles.
  • Two in one product.


  • Overly priced.
  • Less quantity.

Have you tried Essence cosmetics Glossy Lip Balms? If yes, Share your experience with us πŸ™‚



30 thoughts on “Essence Glossy Lip Balms in “Mango Ice cream” & “Cherry Brownie” -Review.

  1. I used the strawberry cheesecake one, I prefer it to Nivea Hydra care. While Hydra wears off very quick this one stays for a while. I prefer matte lipstick (even balms I just don’t like sheer glossy lipsticks) but I only use this at home. I will try the mango one next because I wear this not so often this small pack lasted for almost half a year.

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  2. Wow they look so cute. I swatched these in the store but sadly didn’t buy any and they smell so yummy. Amazing detailed review. Btw I’m a new Pakistani beauty blogger and it will be really nice if you will visit my blog or maybe give me a follow. Thanks:)

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