Guest Post: Etude Eye and Lip Pencil -Review.

Hello Buddies,

Whats happening? So I am back with a review on a “lip and eye pencil” Who doesn’t love eye pencils? they can also be used as lip pencils. It is a full dose pack like ” 2 in 1 ” kind of thing! 😉 

So I recently bought this lip or eye pencil which i thought to share my experience after using it with you all so lets get started!! 🙂


So the first thing clicked in my mind to buy it was its color!! It was available in different colors but this mauve purple type color was the best, either you use it on your lips or on eyes it will surely enhance your beauty and will add a classy look to your eyes or lips!

Etude Lip and Eye Pencil.

Etude Eye and Lip Pencil in “Purple 12”.


Okay so it is a straight, tall, slim and smart kind of normal pencil with a cap on it 😛 Before using it on your lips do use it on your hand for like 4 to 5 times just to let its nib smooth and soft or else it will dry your lips because i have experienced it!!

Etude Eye and Lip Pencil in "Purple 12".

Etude Eye and Lip Pencil in “Purple 12”.


The Etude Long Lasting Lip And Eye Pencil is for the first time not very smooth but yeah will surely be after using 🙂 It can give you both dark and light effect on your lips or eyes. It is long lasting.If you are using it on eyes then do highlight your water line with it and smudge it, it will give a kind of smokey look 😉

Etude Eye and Lip Pencil.

Etude Eye and Lip Pencil in “Purple 12” -Swatched.



Etude long lasting lip and eye pencil costs PKR 50 only, Yes!! I am serious its so cheap 🙂 And is available in every super mall like i bought it from “Millennium Mall” Karachi 🙂


So, in short i would say  it is a complete package for you in a very low price. It can be easily used as a lip color or eye pencil. It is pigmented and has a cute smell. 

So friends 🙂

If you wanna try it then buy it 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this review. Which eye or lip pencil is your favorite? Do let me know in the comments 🙂 Take care!

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