MATALAN Glamour eyelash set -Review.

Oh my! I feel so glamorous wearing those luscious big voluminous falsies. This is the first set of falsies that’s why I have nothing to compare it with. I hope you will find my review helpful.

MATALAN Glamour Eyelash set.

MATALAN Glamour Eyelash set.



MATALAN Glamour Eyelash set

MATALAN Glamour Eyelash set

Fake Lashes, Falsies

MATALAN Glamour Eyelash set

It comes in a hard board box with a transparent plastic tray like case inside that holds five pairs of lashes. There is a separate adhesive in a white tube with each pair of lashes.

All the lashes are made of synthetic hair with a visible lash band except one. The adhesive that comes with it has a good sticking power and lasts up to 3-4 uses. These lashes not have any name or number on any set for identification.

baby doll lashes

Number: 1

These lashes are long and feathery. They have a criss-cross appearance and gives a romantic look. They are short from the corners and long from the center.

Dramatic lashes

Number: 2

These lashes shout Katy Perry. They are very big and dramatic, length wise, they are equal from the inner corner to the outer. They are so black and plastic-y. And have the stiffest band out of the bunch.

dramatic lshes

Number: 3

This pair looks kind of like the lashes shown above, but just a little less dense. They are short from the inner corner and the length increases as you move to the outer corner.

Vixen lashes

Number: 4

These lashes give a sexy vixen look. They are long from the center and flared out. They are perfect for a dramatic smokey eye.

natural false lashes

Number: 5

This is the most natural and light weight pair of the five. It has a spiky appearance and has a little gap between the spiky bunches of hair. The best part is that It has a clear lash band.

These lashes are amazing. I’m trying them out in different makeup looks and they instantly add so much glamor into the look. The last one is my favorite one of all.

Note: I got this set as a gift.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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