Top 6 Secrets To Beautiful Lips This Fall/Winter.


Who does not want to have smooth, pink and kissable lips? But sadly, sometimes the weather does not allow us to have that soft rosy pout. In summer, our lips are exposed to sunlight and get damaged from the UV rays and in the cold weather our lips becomes chapped and inflamed.
It hurts really bad. I know, because I have the driest lips in the history dry lips and that is why I have to take special care of them. So I thought, why not share my Top 6 secrets to healthy lips with you all? You are my amazing readers, after all. So here you go,


#1 : Exfoliate:

Like your face and body, you lips needs to be exfoliated too. The dead skin cells hides the new layer of skin of your lips which makes them appear dark and dull. To slough away that dead layer of skin from the lips, Lip scrubs are used.
I wet my lips with warm water and brush them with a tooth brush to remove that layer of skin and them dry with a towel. You can also use this au natural lip scrub that you can easily make at your home,
To make this, you’ll need:
1 table spoon sugar.
1 tea spoon olive oil.
Mix them together and gently rub it on your lips in circular motions to get rid of that dull looking skin and reveal your new pink lips.


#2 : Hydrate:

Drinking water is beneficial for our body in a lot of ways. It keeps our body tissues healthy and plump. For a beautiful looking skin and luscious lips, our body requires at least 10 glasses of water per day. Fruits and juices can also be added to the diet to keep the body hydrated. Water will hydrate your body from the inside and make your lips softer.


#3 : Moisturize:

The skin on our lips is delicate compared to the other parts of the body. Therefore, they need a little extra care and moisture to keep them soft. Dry and chapped lips can make you look ungroomed. I’ve found that the best moisturizer for anyone’s lips is the Vaseline petroleum jelly. Apply it the morning and night or whenever needed to make your lips soft and rosy.
Some other lip balm recommendations are; Lip smackers, Carmex, EOS, Himalayas, Nivea and The body shop lip butters.

Young Woman Biting Her Lip

#4 : Do Not Bite Or Lick:

How would you feel when you go to a party and everyone creepily keep looking at you because your lips are dark and damaged? Even lipstick won’t suit you then. To avoid this kind of situation, It is best to avoid licking an biting your lips. It leaves marks on the lips which looks unattractive.


#5 : Remove That Color:

You know how unhygenic and unhealthy it is for our skin to sleep with your makeup on? It clogs the pores and cause our skin to breakout. If you are wearing any lipstick, remove it before sleeping to allow the skin of lips to breathe and repair it self.
Here is a quick tip, Apply coconut oil or olive to your lips before going to bed and wake up with silky smooth, pink lips.


#6 : Extra Love For Them Beauties:

To have that soft, rosy pout on which lipstick glides on smoothly, Follow this easy and organic lip treatment recipe.
To make this, You’ll need,
1 table spoon coconut oil.
1 tea spoon rose water.
2-4 drop of vitamin E.
1 table spoon honey.
Whip them together until smooth and fluffy. Apply a heavy coat of the mixture on the lips for at least 20 minutes (without licking this delicious tasting lip treatment). Rinse it off with tap water and apply your favorite lip balm. This lip mask will replenish dry/chapped lips.

I hope this post helps you to have beautiful pouts this Fall/Winter. Keep smiling.

Image Source: Google Images.


Umaima Mehtab.



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