Blogger Spotlight: Interview With Maria.

Hello, My beautiful Readers.

Today we have Maria, the owner of with us over here. Who is not only very pretty but very talented as well.

Welcome to “Dudettestalk” ,Maria :).
Hello Umaima and thank you for having me in this interview! I am really excited to be a part of it.

1. So Maria, tell us about you. What is the secret behind that beautiful personality?
My name is Maria, I’m a 24year old med school student, as you can imagine I love helping people, I love animals even more and I love blogging because I got so many new friends since I started this journey πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind words!

2.You seem like a pro. When did you step in the world of makeup and how? Share your story with us.
Thank you again, I’m not even close to a pro though. My makeup story began in high school, when I first started watching YouTube videos and bought makeup for the first time. There were more makeup tutorials than reviews or tag or anything else videos in the beauty community so that’s how I slowly learned to do my own makeup.

3. How would you describe your dressing style, Maria?
As far as fashion goes, I am definitely a girly-girl, I wear skirts and dresses in summertime, in winter, doesn’t matter. I think I can describe myself as having a girly-boho style.

4. Here is an interesting question. If you were allowed to use only one product for the rest of your life, What would it be?
Hmm well I would probably have to choose SPF cream because I am allergic to sunlight and it’s kind of vital for me. But if we are talking makeup only, I would gladly wear only winged liquid eyeliner for the rest of my life, that’s what I have on most days, even on a bare face.

5. Who is your role model/ Beauty icon?

Over the years I’ve grown to love Dita Von Teese, because she’s also pale but isn’t afraid to dye her hair black, and because she does her hair and makeup by herself for both TV and shows, that’s amazing coming from a celebrity like her.

6. We want to know more about you Maria.
Your Beauty Profile:
* Skin tone A/c to MAC:
* Under tone:
* Skin type:
* Hair & Eye color:

Well, as you might have noticed I have a pale skin tone, probably a rosy undertone although that rarely shines through as most of the time I look like Morticia Addams haha.
I struggle with combination skin, it’s horrific in the summer.
I have brown eyes and blonde hair, which I dye jet black or black with blue reflections.

arabic-green-makeup amriaa

7. The makeup looks you post on your blog are amazing. What inspire you to create those beautiful looks?

I get inspiration from everywhere: YouTube, magazines, blogs, but especially from Pinterest, it’s a great form of social media that I’m glad was invented, I have everything there.

8. You’d rather prefer?
* Revlon or MAC. – I think Revlon.
* Red Lips or Nude Lips. – Red lips! Can’t go wrong.
* Heels or Flats. – Heels, although when I have a lot of walking and standing to do I will wear flats.
* Brunette or Blonde. – I love blonde hair and I’d love to be a Barbie blonde, but I feel dark colours suit me personally better.
* Lipstick or Eyeliner. – Liquid liner, every day.

9. How do you organize your makeup? Any tips for our lovely readers?
I just keep it in bowls, ones I have from flowers or things like that, and I have one for palettes, one for lipsticks, one for quads and so on. And I keep my pencil liners and lip liners in tequilla shot glasses.

10. Show us your vanity, Maria. (PIC)
I actually don’t have a vanity! I do my makeup in the mirror of my dresser, but I’d love to have a vanity mirror.

11. OK, so we all have some products that we regret buying. What was the most expensive makeup product you regret buying?
Hmm, in my experience, all my L’Oreal Eye-shadows were a waste of money, as well as the LA Colours ones. Some people like them, I just find them dusty and good for nothing. Same goes with L’Oreal shampoos.

12. Share your favorite quote with us.
I have a few, but the most recent one I can remember is from two and a half men when Alan tells Charlie “Poor Satan, he’ll come for your soul but he’ll leave empty handed” bhahaha, that cracked me up.

13. What is your biggest beauty nightmare?

My biggest beauty nightmare would be having to cut my hair short, like a pixie cut, because I look HORRIBLE in short hair.


14. Any advice to your teenage self?
This is a piece of advice for everyone’s teenage self: “Be patient, it gets better.”

15. Tell us the story behind your Blog URL?
Well, for my blog URL I wanted to include my name, buuuuut that wasn’t an option as it’s pretty common and everything was taken. Amria is basically Maria with the first two letter switched.

16. Would you like to say anything to our lovely beauty bloggers out there?

For the lovely bloggers out there: don’t stop what you are doing, you can have so many more new friends from all over the world!

17. Can we now consider each other friends :)?

You bet! πŸ™‚ Thank you for having me once again! ❀

Don’t forget to check out her Blog and make sure to follow her.
Take Care.


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  2. I love reading interviews of different bloggers. Its a nice way to know more about them.
    Really enjoyed the interview πŸ™‚
    And I wear liquid eyeliner on a daily basis too πŸ˜‰

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