Garnier Eye Brightening Roll On -Review

Hello my beautiful readers,

One more review at your service. I don’t actually use eye creams but I was SICK of my dark circles so I decided to try some lightening under eye product. Did it help me ? scroll down to know the answer.

Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On

Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On

About The Product:

This eye roll on pen contains caffeine and pro-vitamin B5 to fight puffiness and discoloration under the eye area. It has a cooling metal ball to help massage the product into the skin.

Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On

Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-On

My Verdict:

First thing is first. I love the packaging. It is slim, compact and very travel friendly. But the product didn’t satisfy my half of my expectations. It is way too liquid-y and requires more time and massaging to get completely absorbed into the skin. It works great on reducing the puffiness but didn’t show any spectacular results in reducing my dark circles. Its fragrance free and didn’t irritate my eyes. I did feel a slight lightening effect but it was only me. I asked my mom and sister if there was any change and they said “Not really”.

All in all, I have been using this product since last two months and its a life saver when it comes to De-puffing.

Rating: 2.5/5




Am I going to re-purchase it?
I don’t think so. But I will definitely try out the tinted version. 

Go For It If:

  • Your main concern is puffiness.
  • You want a pocket friendly De-puffer.
  • You like travel friendly skin care products.
  • You like the cooling effect the metal roller gives.

Don’t Consider It If:

  • You want something to eliminate your dark circles.

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Did it work for you ? share your experience.





2 thoughts on “Garnier Eye Brightening Roll On -Review

  1. Hey! Nice post!

    I used the Garnier roll on before, but I guess I was allergic since it dried out my skin! I just posted on my blog about dark circles and concealers too!


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