My Favourite YouTube Hair Gurus

Hey Everyone,

Today I am going to tell you about my favorite YouTube hair gurus.

YouTube has taught me everything… like really EVERYTHING. And these hair gurus have taught me a lot of new things to do with my hair.

Believe me those girls are pros! They teach you how to style and take care of your hair perfectly and in a very easy way. What else could a girl wish for?

Scroll down for my top favorite YouTube hair gurus.


1. Luxy Hair:

This channel is owned by two sisters Mimi and Leyla. They have an easy way of demonstrating wearable hairstyles for every occasion. Whether it be a dinner, wedding or back to school.

lets make it up

2. Lets Make It Up 1:

This channel is owned by Kaley. I love the way she makes formal hairstyles look so easy to accomplish. So, no need to flip through fashion magazines for celebrity inspired hairstyles now.


3. Bebexo:

This youtuber is awesome. From cute to edgy, sexy to classic, celebrity inspired and everyday hairstyles, you will find all the variety over here.


4. Cute Girls Hairstyles:

This channel is owned by a very talented mom, Mindy. She explains every step easily. There you will find hairstyles that you didn’t even know they existed.


5. Makeup Wearables:

This channel is owned by Tina. I love her. She has the best, easy and most glamorous hairstyles on her channel.


6. Lilith Moon:

This channel is owned by lilith. Her hair is as beautiful as her. With her help you can achieve salon-like hairstyles at home. In 5 to 10 minutes. Yes, she makes it THAT easy.


7. Women Beauty 1:

The owner of this channel is super talented. She teaches the hardest hairstyles in the easiest way.


8. Cinthia Truong:

The owner of this channel is Cinthia. She demonstrate formal, semi-formal, everyday and classic hairstyles in an extremely easy way.


9. X3 haha:

This channel is owned by Hannah. Glamorous, sophisticated, chic, bridal and everyday hairstyles explained in the simplest way.

So, That is it. I hope you find it helpful and learn a lot from them. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel.

Love you all,

Umaima Metab


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