“Being Active”

Hi everyone!

“Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails.” ~Robert Half


I know a lot of you have a disease of being a couch potato. The best advice to avoid laziness is to keep yourself busy.
If you want to be active, lose some weight and make your life more “healthy” so scroll down!!

  The First tip is just so obvious. I mean no one can be active by sitting on a couch, holding a remote control and staring at the TV screen.
* Just turn off the TV or video game. Leave the bed, stand up and go for a walk or maybe you can even do house chores.

Another tip is “Not being the slave of Technology”. For example if you have two options. One is elevators and the second is stairs so you should take the stairs. It is a powerful exercise that quickly increases our pulse and in doing so can greatly improve our cardiovascular fitness.

One good tip is to walk while you are talking on the phone or texting with someone. This way you’ll keep yourself busy, active and can have fun at the same time. You won’t even realize that you were walking for an hour.

Another good idea is that if you are having a party with your friends. Don’t pick up any restaurant to hang out. Choose a better place than that. Like go hiking, go for skating or maybe for bowling.

Now, ever thought how hectic would it be for your mom to clean the whole house alone? You can pitch in and help her out by cleaning your room and vacuuming the floors. This way you’ll stay active and help your mom in one time.

One more concept for being active is “The Daily Morning Walk”. It will not only make you active but it’ll also reduce your weight.

You can also play your favorite sport with your friends like badminton, football, basketball or any game you like!! It will increase your body temperature and make you more active.

If you have more faster and easier ways to be active and healthier so be sure to share them.

Image courtesy: Google Images.

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